I’ve no idea what’s going on. My cold is not getting any better, but thankfully it’s not getting any worse either. It’s one of those mild things I typically get, but now it’s been going for almost a week and that’s very un-typical. But I’ve had enough of sitting inside and abandoned my Star Trek DS9 marathon in favour of sitting in my blind for a while, dressed in enough layers to stay warm on a polar expedition. A black'n'white willow tit in black'n'whiteIt’s been a dark and foggy day so I had to go up to ISO 800 to get any reasonable shutter speeds. I decided to nevermind the noise, in fact I didn’t even care if I didn’t get any keepers at all. Just to be outside for a change was good enough!

A very pleasant surprise then to get one frame that I’m actually happy with. A black and white bird in a foggy forest was begging for the black and white treatment in Lightroom. This branch the willow tit is sitting on, it’s my favourite perch (I wish it was a fave for the birds as well…). The way all the branches are running diagonally in the frame, I think it gives a nice flow to the image and it even works when the bird is looking out of the frame like it does here. But then again, I’m biased. Still looking for better perches… or rather, will be looking for better perches as soon as my sinuses are unclogged.

And yes, I’m feeling terribly sorry for myself at the moment, in case you missed it.

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  1. Miika says:

    Whoaa, that is very impressive! Lines make it very much to my liking :)

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