White waterlily

White waterlily and pads in the rainI missed the white waterlilies last year and I didn’t want to repeat the mistake this year. So I took off after work, ignoring the rain, and drove to my favourite white waterlily tarn. I was disappointed to find that the lilies were over bloom or not open or just plain too far away from the shore, but then I came across this one individual which was still pretty, and better yet, it was surrounded by pads which had not been half eaten up by insects. I had to do a lot of cloning and healing to get rid of some debris though and the pads are still not as clean as I’d like, but it will have to do.

The shutter speeds were very slow (this one at 1/25) because I insisted on using a polariser filter. Without it, everything becomes just a grey mass and the worst part is that the pads lose the colour. So if you’re going waterlily shooting, make sure to take a polariser with you!

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Is only me then, but I think I prefer the one without polarising filter? Instead of reflection, there is a shadow, that is…

  2. Minna says:

    No you wouldn’t prefer it without a pol filter, trust me. The water and the pads look just downright horrible, no colour at all. The only way it would work without a pol is if you were able to fill the frame with the flower and its reflection so the colour is no issue.

    Don’t believe me? Take your camera out to a waterlily pond and shoot with and without a pol… see which version pops. ;) Oh and it also depends on the angle. The lower you get, the less effect the filter will have. I threw away all my low angle shots!

    Hmm… but now I remember that you were actually quite creative without a polariser. So I guess it depends, but I still don’t think that a non-polarised white waterlily looks any good. ;)

  3. Miika says:

    I see your point. And especially on this pic, waves would not help on the reflection…

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