High noonIt was clear skies already in the morning and I didn’t waste any time going out, I wanted to catch that pink light after sunrise. And not only the light, but also the moon which was full yesterday, and a very special full moon it was too. So there I am, just got my first peek of the moon, when the phone rings. I could not believe it… work. Two servers that are not responding, there was nothing else I could do but walk back home while cursing the servers to the darkest reaches of the deepest ocean. Just to show you the contrailsI just can’t stand it when work interferes with life (and yes, I know I should just be grateful for having a job in the first place these days!). Anyway, by the time I had the servers back online and responding normally, the pink light and the moon were all gone. Consolation prize is that the light is good even at noon, I mean we’re just over a week from the winter solstice. It wasn’t all blue skies though, the conditions were just right for every passing airplane to leave contrails in the sky, and by the looks of it we have busy skies over Loos.

TrailWith all the ski boot problems I’ve been having, I decided to go snowshoeing instead. The trails are not prepped yet, but there’s always a few snowmobilers ready to jumpstart the season so I had some tracks to follow. It was very pleasant, actually, so I made a lot longer walk than I had planned to. I’ve done this same trip on skis and I’ve been exhausted afterwards, but now I could easily have gone much longer. I’m sure it’s the blisters… the pain and discomfort tax the energy resources, but I had no such problems now. Very liberating!

Bare necessities - line and lightBut the snow… gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I can’t imagine winter could look any better than it does right now.

I got home and had time to grab a quick lunch when it was already time to see if I could catch that big moon rising. I drove to Dåasen which I figured would give me the best view towards the moonrise, but the clouds were already starting to arrive and blocked the horizon. I waited just in case though, but then I got to a point where my fingers and toes and face were freezing too much to care about the moon anymore. -10°C on snowshoes is warm, -15°C standing still is cold. That’s the kind of day it was.

* * *

After a busy day of photography, I was naturally very curious to see the pictures. As I was sorting through them in Lightroom, the computer suddenly died – I mean, really died, like someone had pulled out the power plug. Worried that I might have a problem with the power pack, I booted up again and decided that it’s time I back up some pictures on DVD (they are already backed up on one internal and one external drive, but both are connected to the PC obviously). In the middle of the DVD creation, the PC died again. But this time I noticed that the lamps flickered as well, so the PC is not at fault here, we’re just apparently experiencing some power fluctuations. Got me wishing for a laptop though… or a MacBook Pro!

Please no more IT problems this weekend, please?

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4 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    After having experienced PS speeds on a Mac and a vista laptops with similar spec, I can only say: go for Mac.

    You got some really bad luck, I see. But still some keepers too.
    For once I think I had the opposite experiense, got the moon before clouds! For once being crippled payed off as we found a decent spot nearby.

  2. Minna says:

    That’s my plan, I’ll get a MacBook Pro as soon as my PC expires. Alas, it’s still working fine. :-s

    I hope I get to see some moon pictures soon? ;)

  3. Rane Olsen says:

    Oh, I feel sorry for the lost photo-ops :( But, as you said, it’s good to have a job. Nice light in the pictures, reminds me of Kodak Elite 100 VS slide film :)

    I can give you few good tips to kill the PC if you want ;) I have MacBook with 4GB RAM, and it seems to fly compared to PC laptop. Desktop PC has Vista 64bit Ultimate, Quad Core and 8GB RAM…that surely is quite fast, but it’s still a PC…

  4. Minna says:

    Don’t tempt me… although my PC is showing some promising signs of killing itself. Maybe it’s those two power-related outages that messed up Windows, but yesterday the PC froze properly – I mean one of those dead freezes where you see the picture but absolutely nothing happens no matter which keys you press… :D Here’s hoping. ;)

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