Gaiters would’ve been nice

A day of snowfall and I was really looking forward to a long walk to enjoy it. I got down to a lake I rarely visit and initially followed it by walking through forest on my way to a potential photo spot. No photo ops were appearing though, so I decided to walk on the shore instead. This is where I made two mistakes: 1) I assumed that there wouldn’t be any water in the marshland surrounding the lake and 2) even if there was water, it would be shallow and thus frozen solid by now. I had forgotten the warm weather we had on Thursday and yesterday… I wasn’t two steps out of the forest when I sank right through the ice down to my knees. I got up quickly, but I already felt the water trickle down my boots and decided to cut my long walk short. Thankfully I was wearing functional clothing so I didn’t freeze while walking home in wet socks and wet pants… those waterproof boots are not worth much when you get water over the shafts!

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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    That does not sound like too much fun :(
    How about these then (just the first link found by searching with finnish word) :D

  2. Rane Olsen says:

    Shoes are usually waterproof into both directions :P Lucky you didn’t walk above the lake though..

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