Canon G10

Fog (cropped to 2:3)My first day day out with the new Canon PowerShot G10! And what a lousy day it was. By that I mean the weather – I wasn’t missing the 40D in any case so having the new camera to test meant that at least I got something done and not just sit inside all day watching an Indiana Jones marathon (I got the 4-DVD box yesterday!).

Water and ice (polariser + in-camera ND filter, 6 sec exposure, cropped to 2:3)The G10 is pretty much what I expected – I had seen enough test pictures before I got this camera to know what to expect, and my own pictures confirmed the impression so I got the camera I wanted. I tried a variety of techniques, handheld with IS, timer and a tripod, bracketing for an HDR, and also tested the lens adapter so I could mount a polariser filter and just to make it more fun, used the 3-stop built-in ND also.

So if IQ is not an issue, then I have to talk about the controls. It felt like I had to fiddle with the buttons and dials a lot more than I do with my 40D. Logically thinking, there isn’t anything more involved in taking the picture than with the dSLR so it must be quite simply that I’m not used to the controls yet. I know the 40D buttons with my eyes closed so hopefully I will learn to know the G10 equally well as I keep using it.

Which only leaves the software. The latest Lightroom version was released just before the G10 so I’m stuck with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, which I hate with passion. Ok yes it’s probably because I’m not used to using the software… but seriously, even if I was familiar with it, I’d still hate it. Please Adobe, release a patch for LR – yesterday wouldn’t be too soon!

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3 Responses

  1. Rane Olsen says:

    Nicely done with the stream! -Only thing distracting is the upper right corner with the dead grass. Perhaps some vignetting to add..? Hmm, ACR does not support G10 yet? Hope it will, and very soon :)

  2. Minna says:

    Had I been working with the 40D I probably would’ve taken the first picture with it, but the second subject was hopeless. I just needed moving water, any moving water, to try out the lens adapter and filter. :D

  3. Miika says:

    I did not shoot a single frame yesterday, it was just hopeless. And so it seems to be today too.

    What comes to Canon software, I can agree, it is purely awfull, or at least it used to be, back in those days I had one. (Kind of reminds me, the only really good shot from a live gig I had was with that 2.1MP point’n'shoot, too bad I can no find that pic any more. There is no more possibilities to shoot Joe Zavinul…)

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