Boats and birds

Submarine?I couldn’t let go of a good thing, so I drove back to Össjön to take a closer look at the old boats. The wind had picked up from yesterday and there certainly wasn’t any lack of light, so I had a perfect opportunity to try the new ND filter. Stacked with a polariser, I still maxed out at 8 sec but it was just enough for the effect so the filter proved useful – the ND8 would’ve left me short of a few secs.

BTW, the new ND filter is B+W’s Neutral Density 1.8, which is 6 stops. If Hoya made a 6-stop ND, it would be called ND64 – the ND8 is 3 stops.

Blue titWhen I came back home, I saw that my bird feeder was very popular. Time to see if the birds would tolerate me out in the open, because the way I’ve set up the feeder I have no place to hide. I counted on the birds to keep feeding as long as I don’t make any noise or sudden moves, and the gamble paid off – it works! I must confess that the bird images are heavily cropped, for example this one is cropped from horizontal to vertical so I’m losing a lot of real estate, but I don’t care – I’m so bad with moving subjects that I’ll happily back down on my normal target of “making the picture in the camera”. My main concern is to get a sharp eye in the picture and today’s birds had that, so I probably just doubled up my all time critically sharp bird pictures! Anyway, cropping serves another purpose as well – I get a bigger bird in relation to the frame. Even at 4-5 metres distance, using a 300mm lens (times 1.6), it’s a very small bird. Not gonna take any frame fillers for sure, so I’ll just keep concentrating on getting that sharp eye and a catchlight!

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4 Responses

  1. Rane Olsen says:

    Little birds just yell for those big lenses :( There’s never enough reach…perhaps Sigma 500/4.5 is the answer…dunno…

  2. Leif says:

    Nice blue tit!

    I’m quite opposite – always leave room for cropping! No problem as long as the sharpness i in the right spot and you don’t plan to make A3 prints. That way it is possible to make several compositions out of the same frame, depending of how it is used. Especially on screen I think many times it’s better to show cropped pictures. Otherwise the details get lost.

  3. Miika says:

    8 seconds? What kind of aperture are you using then? Just trying to figure out how slow could I go with my own system…

    The bird is strange one, I can’t decide whether to say crop or not :D Perhaps it then works the best the way it is now :)

  4. Minna says:

    f16 @ ISO 100, so it really was a lot of light available (I think the water reflecting the light has something to do with it as well). I don’t want to stop down further than f16 if I can avoid it, so I exposed all the way to the right instead, just barely avoided clipping the highlights.

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