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I think I need new snowshoes. My old snowshoes have served me well for 15 years, but they are showing their age. A plastic clip that holds the straps in place behind the foot...


Human fuel

I hate cooking. I. Really. Do. I can follow a recipe and get something that’s probably at least in the ballpark, but I still find cooking totally pointless when you’re just one person eating...


Aurora over the river

Got a ping in my phone last night about possible aurora, so I went out. I didn’t see anything happening but there was quite a lot of green, so it could flare up. Found...


Winter today

We did get winter today! It was touch and go with the temperature just around the zero mark.


Last chance hiking

It’s going to snow tomorrow. A lot. Unless it rains, of course. But I’m hoping for snow, which means that it’s winter for sure and that makes today the last chance to get any...


Full moon from the top

You know how I love shooting the full moon rising (or setting) over the landscape. I rarely succeed, but I often try! It’s full moon tomorrow but the best chance of shooting it was...