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It’s a race

The big thaw continues, with sub-zero temperatures and a bit of snowfall forecast for Friday. The race is on – will the snow melt away before the freeze sets in?


January 30, 2006

I just went out to get some lunch. It’s raining. R-a-i-n-i-n-g.



Since it’s weekend, I went for a walk as usual. It’s been keeping warm so I didn’t need a cap, or thermal underwear, or winter boots, or camera… in fact, I didn’t even need...



Since the beautiful winter weather keeps, I thought it was time for a serious walk. So I took the shortest way to the camping area by the lake and crossed the lake and a...


Updates to

I have replaced the Ljusdal page with a Winter gallery on Since I don’t live in Ljusdal anymore, the page was getting a bit old… and the images weren’t that good anyway. I...


Snow, snow, snow… somewhere else

Just saw the news. They got 1m of snow in Hudiksvall today. Hudiksvall is on the coast, just over 100km east from Los. When I lived in Ljusdal, it was my closest “big” town...