The Quiet Picture Blog



I went for a long walk today, without the camera again but I just wanted to get a feel for the cold weather. When I came back, I noticed some footprints in the snow...


Frosty filter

[Right, I just read the Blogger status page and it looks like they have had problems with their servers, maybe that’s what was killing my entries yesterday. Third time lucky?] * * * Alright...


So it’s gone

Ok so the entry from yesterday is gone now, for the second time. I created it in the morning, then in the afternoon I noticed it’s gone, and re-created it. And now it’s gone....


This is a test

Something wayyyyy weird happening with my blog. I can see my entry from yesterday (at the time of writing this) but when I try to edit it, I get an error message that the...


By name only

When I drove home, it was raining. It’s +4 degrees, the snow is almost gone, and it’s raining. April sure came early this year.Looking at the forecast now, we’re not going to get the...


It’s a race

The big thaw continues, with sub-zero temperatures and a bit of snowfall forecast for Friday. The race is on – will the snow melt away before the freeze sets in?