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Photo tips #1: Straight horizons

Here’s the gist of it: Trees grow straight up, and horizons are always level. All you have to do is to match your photo with this reality. But, it is amazingly difficult at first....


Photo tips series

There are plenty of photo guides, instructions, tutorials etc on the Internet. I thought I would add mine. In the coming weeks, I will write my thoughts about some basics of photography, maybe some...


Posting rules

Just paid a visit to a Finnish photo forum. Have to investigate it further… but I just got so excited on reading their forum guidelines (quick translation mine):- this has been your hobby for...

0 update

For those of you who arrived to this blog from a direct link, I have updated my homepage Welcome for a visit!



The winter is slowly melting away…I went to the kiosk to get the snowmobile trail map. Not for riding snowmobiles obviously, but to have a look at where the trails are and plan for...


Off season

This was the last cold day before a warm front would hit us, so I made sure I got some winter pictures in before the snow would be gone (again). I drove to Hamra...