Location: The Wilderness Road

What: Mountains and waterfalls and awesome landscape, all the time (Vildmarksvägen)

Where: North from Gäddede, via Klimpfjäll, Saxnäs and Stalon to Dikanäs (map)

When: The Stekenjokk road is only open between June and October but September is probably best, for all the colours and because the light is not too bad even in the middle of the day.

Why: The most spectacular road in Sweden (that I have seen), 17 km of the road on the arctic tundra

What makes this road better than any other road:

  1. It’s amazing
  2. Mountains
  3. Waterfalls
  4. Creeks
  5. Reindeer

Why not: It’s far away. Squeezing this trip in a weekend will be tough but doable, but obviously it depends where you start off. A real road-trip. The following route plan is for people based in Ljusdal:

  • Friday evening, transport only, Ljusdal-Gäddede (445 km, about 6 hours)
  • Day 2, Gäddede-Dikanäs with a day full of photography (215 km). The road to Dikanäs is not part of Vildmarksvägen but it’s more interesting than the Stalon-Vilhelmina stretch which is mostly just all driving no fun.
  • Day 3, Driving the same route back south and then home (660 km)
  • If the trip is done in the summer when the days are long, one weekend would be enough. Arrive in Gäddede in early Saturday afternoon and have until late evening to drive to Dikanäs, and then coming back home do the awesome stretch of the road in the morning. Benefit of doing this in the summer is that you can overnight in a tent, in September you would almost have to rent a cabin for the night. Reason for taking the same road back (as opposed to taking E45) is that the scenery really is that awesome and you’ll be seeing it in different light on those two days.

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