Location: Gröntjärn

What: A funky little lake

Where: 20 km north from Ljusdal (map)

When: May-October, even winter

Why: It’s one of the best (the best?) locations around Ljusdal

What makes this lake better than any other lake:

  1. The geology of the lake. The way the water level rises and falls is fascinating and if you’re there during low water, the bowl is a wonder to see.
  2. The colour of the lake, it really is green.
  3. The nature around the lake, lovely pine forest
  4. The nature in the whole area, Hornberget and Gladbäcken
  5. Rare pale pasque flowers in early May

Why not: The lake is surrounded by tall forest and located in a bowl, so the light can be tricky sometimes and evening light in particular is difficult. I’ve found that afternoons work best but it’s a matter of taste. But it’s still a lovely place and nice for picnics and small walks around the lake and forest.

My previous visits: Gröntjärn

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