Location: Ängerån

What: A river with small waterfalls and whitewater

Where: Starting point is 6 km south from Kårböle

When: Summer and autumn

Why: A long stretch of river that offers waterfalls, whitewater, and remains from the old timber rafting era

The duckboards have been left rotting since the old days of timber raftingWhat makes this river better than any other river:

  1. It’s probably not terribly different from anything else, but there are several spots with whitewater action and some actual waterfalls.
  2. Rocks and cliffs
  3. An outside chance of seeing an otter (like, if you’re lucky enough to win jackpot in the lottery, then you might actually see a real live otter here)
  4. There are several options for reaching the river, you can choose how much legwork you want to do. (see below for options)

Why not: There is thick forest lining up the river, making it difficult to approach the water in many places. One of the most interesting spots along the river during a cold and dreary October dayThe shoreline is also very rocky in places, making it even more difficult to find the best spots. Be very careful when walking around, because the rocks are covered with mosses and blueberry and cowberry bushes and it’s difficult to see all the devious crevices between the rocks.


  1. Leave your car in the picnic/camping area next to the bridge (road 296 between Kårböle and Loos) and follow the trail upstream. The trail fades out very soon and the terrain is difficult and wet at places, but it can be done. The trail is about 3 km up to the dam where the river becomes a lake.
  2. Take the dirt road towards west on the south side of the river and leave your car south from Brygghuset (N 61° 56.578′, E 15° 13.402′). Just a few hundred meters to reach the river. (NB! I have not driven this road yet so I will leave no guarantees about the drivability.)
  3. Take the dirt road towards west on the north side of the river, about 2 km in (N 61° 56.879′, E 15° 14.443′) there’s a trail that leads to one of the largest waterfall spots. The fall height as such is not so impressive, but the area is wide with gently sloping cliffs and will provide many options during low water when you can move around (slippery when wet!). During high water, it’s possible that this spot is better on the south side (see options 1 and 2). (NB! I have not driven this road yet so I will leave no guarantees about the drivability.)


  • The interesting stuff is upstreams from the bridge. There’s possibly one nice spot downstream, a dirt road follows the river on the northern side so you can drive it and see if something catches your eye, but don’t expect any waterfalls in any case.
  • There’s not a lot of information available about Ängerån on the Internet, but if you want to search for it, also look for Ängraån as it’s sometimes spelled.

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