Location: Fättjeåfallet & Sångbäckfallet

What: Waterfalls

Where: Klövsjö (Fättjeåfallet N 62° 32.422′, E 14° 6.453′ / Sångbäckfallet N 62° 28.471′, E 14° 8.101′)

When: Summer and autumn (keep in mind that summer will be a week or two late and autumn start a bit earlier than in Ljusdal because these waterfalls are in the mountains)

Why: Nice waterfalls. Sångbäckfallet is easy to reach (just a few hundred meters from the road) while Fättjeåfallet requires a bit more hiking (1.5 km, all of it up the mountain and the trail is very rocky), but the trail follows the creek so there are photo ops along the way as well.

What makes these better than any other waterfalls:

  1. They are perhaps no better than other waterfalls, but they are nice and they are fairly big and they are waterfalls (what else do you need?!)
  2. Accessibility, it’s rare that you can so easily combine two fair-sized waterfalls in a day-trip. Even if Fättjeåfallet does require some effort to get to.

Fettjeåfallet (HDR)Why not: Fättjeåfallet falls in the eastern slope of a mountain so you can just forget about evening light! Sångbäckfallet falls to south, but it’s located in a canyon so light will be problematic at any time. As usual, overcast weather will probably provide the best conditions for waterfalls but then you have to figure out what to do with the sky. The path to Fättjeåfallet is very rocky and in some places wet, so you’ll need sturdy boots and good balance.

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