Torrgraven is another small ravine about 200 m east from Storbäcksgraven and straight above the Öjevallen summer farm. The name (“dry ravine”) probably comes from the fact that there’s no water running through this ravine, which is rather unusual. If you get there in the early summer though, you will see that the ravine is anything but dry – the melting snow creates a small brook which defies the name.

Torrgraven is one of the smallest ravines but it does have some distinct cliff formations, however it never really gets very deep or wide. To be honest, its most redeeming feature is that it is so close to Storbäckengraven (and maybe Öjegraven as well) that it doesn’t require a separate trip to see it.

If you’re interested in reading more about Torrgraven, check my blog post about the ravine.

Directions: Leave your car by the Öjevallen sign, about 4 km west from Messlingen. Follow the double-track trail up to Öjevallen, it’s unmarked but well visible. TorrgravenWhen you arrive at Öjevallen, look ahead on the right and you’ll see a 2-track trail go up in the forest. When you get to a small tarn, the double-track trail transforms into a small path which occasionally almost disappears. But it seems like there are many paths going in the same direction here so it doesn’t really matter which path you find and follow. If you stayed on the “main” path, you’ll get to the Storbäckengraven ravine first (there’s a sign for it). Now you can turn right and after 100-200m you get to Torrgraven. The further up the ravines you go, the closer they get so that on top, they start from almost the same place.

If in doubt about the path, you can also follow the brook from Öjevallen. This brook runs through Storbäckengraven.

Wear waterproof boots, as the trail goes through some mires.

It’s very easy to reach Storbäckengraven and Torrgraven from the south, and I think it would be easy to add Öjegraven to the hike so you can see all three on one visit. But there are two reasons which speak for the Flatruet approach, it’s that there’s less climbing and the hike is somewhat interesting. The hike to Öjevallen is not.

Distance: 4 km one way


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