Storbäckengraven is the middle ravine in a group of three ravines on the south-west rim of Flatruet. It is surrounded by the large Öjegraven in the west and Torrgraven in the south-east. Assuming that you arrived to Storbäckengraven after visiting Öjegraven (because they are suitable to do in one trip), then it will appear as a bit of a disappointment. It is what it is – a small ravine with just one spot with any significant cliff walls to speak of.

And here’s something really curious – the brook that runs through Storbäckenravinen is called Öjebäcken, and the brook that runs through Öjegraven is called Storbäcken. Either somebody had very twisted logic when naming these things or then there’s a mistake in every single map I’ve ever seen over this area!

If you’re interested in reading more about Storbäckengraven, check my blog post about the ravine.

Directions: There are two options. 1) You can follow the instructions for Öjegraven. In order to reach Storbäckengraven, go to the top of Öjegraven and cross over the brook at first opportunity, then walk south-west to reach Storbäckengraven. 2) Hike from the south, see instructions for Torrgraven.

Distance: 5 km from the Flatruet parking for option 1, or 4 km if you take the Öjevallen route.


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