Öjegraven is a large and deep ravine, furthest in the west on the southern slope of Flatruet, 2.5 km west from Svartmorgraven. It has a gentler profile than its famous cousins in the east though, in some places on the western side of the ravine the cliff walls give way to grassy slopes with birch forest that grows right to the edge. The overall impression of Öjegraven is that it’s nice – it’s not imposing like Evagraven, or dramatic like Fiskhålsgraven, or exciting like Svartmorgraven. It is everything in moderation and thanks to its friendly disposition, it makes for a pleasant hike and exploration.

If you’re interested in reading more about Öjegraven, check out my blog post about the ravine.

Directions: When you come from Mittådalen and drive towards Flatruet, there’s a small pocket for parking your car about 850m after you drive under the powerlines. From here, take a direction east-south-east. Try to avoid getting too far down towards the forest line though so make course corrections towards east if you’re unsure, until at about 2.5-3 km where the birch forest rises up. Now you can take an easterly course through the sparse birch forest and it will take you straight to the ravine (just watch out that you don’t fall into it, because the ravine can appear quite unexpectedly through the trees!)

Distance: 4 km one way


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