November 18, 2017


I think I need new snowshoes. My old snowshoes have served me well for 15 years, but they are showing their age. A plastic clip that holds the straps in place behind the foot is broken on both. Some metal parts are rusty. They are too heavy, compared to similar snowshoes that are available today. The buckles are clumsy and almost impossible to work with gloves on. They tend to squeak when I walk. But old and a little bit broken as they may be, they still serve me. I hiked from Högsta Hållan to Livsäterån and de-toured back over Skarvruet. Stood on top of the little peak and enjoyed a day with no wind, so the -10 degrees didn’t feel cold at all.

Maybe I will do some skiing tomorrow. And order new snowshoes.

There’s enough snow to require snowshoes or skis, but not quite enough to cover all the vegetation as yet

Fog bow, probably courtesy of ice crystals from the snow cannons in Tänndalen

Frosty dwarf birch and snow patterns

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