November 4, 2017

Last chance hiking

It’s going to snow tomorrow. A lot. Unless it rains, of course. But I’m hoping for snow, which means that it’s winter for sure and that makes today the last chance to get any hiking done. So I went hiking.

As to where I would do the hiking, it was an easy decision. Ånnfjället is never wrong, regardless of the season, and today I was ambitious enough to go all the way to the top. The first time I’ve ever done it in November, for sure!

The strangest part was that there were a lot of people on the mountain. Two cars parked when I got there, and four cars remaining when I left. Trust me, it qualifies as a “lot”. 😀

Some clouds over Skarsfjället

It’s a bit special to see the landscape while the snow cover is so thin and the lakes still look blue.

Close to the top

The blue ribbon of the Anån creek (which is quite small here because it’s close to the source)

Up here, the snow was icy enough to carry me most of the time. But the soft spots provided a good workout!

Look closely at the pattern in the frozen tarn. It reminds me of something in some sci-fi series… but what? The first idea I had was a Star Trek com badge but it’s not quite it.

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