October 21, 2017


It was an overcast day with clouds hanging below 1000m, so I decided to do a geocaching trip instead of hiking. There’s quite a few caches on the Ljungdalen side that I haven’t logged yet, plus that I wanted to check out the Djävulshålet (Devil’s Hole) canyon near Tossåsen.

Amazingly, I managed to find all 11 caches that I set out to log. I only picked the ones close to the road, so I still have work to do get the ones which require hiking (then again, I have a few of those left in Funäsfjällen as well). Djävulshålet was the furthest from road, but I wouldn’t call 300m a hike!

The canyon turned out to be worthy of its name. The big waterfall was devilishly difficult to see, let alone shoot, and I had to give up on it. I concentrated on a fall just above where the water plunges into the canyon to get at least something. There was a rock obstructing the angle though, so I figured that I’d be better off standing on that rock instead (it was flat, just slightly leaning). However… even though it’s not raining, the rock was wet, and has been wet for a long time (it’s next to a waterfall and all that). And it was devilishly slippery. My HSP brain spun into high gear when my tripod and my feet were slipping and sliding on that rock, with the big fall right behind me. There was barely any space to put down my pack to get out the camera and filters and to be perfectly honest, I was scared to stand there. Stupid! My legs started hurting because I was tensing them so much… I took a couple of frames, concluded that this angle doesn’t work after all, so I held my breath and put the camera back in the pack and then carefully stepped down and waded back to safe ground. I still feel like I was lucky to get out of there without any accidents!

View from the slippery rock

View from safe ground

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Ahh, valokuvausta parraimmillaan! 0.5% inspiraatiota (ei tämä toimi kuitenkaan), 47.2% maitohappoa, 18.7% hikeä, 24.6% verta ja loput 8.9% kyyneliä!

  2. Minna says:

    Toi on muuten paras analyysi mitä olen nähnyt, kiitos! 😀

  3. Miika says:

    Pahainen pyöristysvirhe jäi kuitenkin: piti olla 9.0%.

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