October 7, 2017

Last one

Ray of light

Last full day in Iceland! And we made the most of it, and started before breakfast to shoot the Hvítserkur basalt stack. The official description says that it looks like a dragon which is drinking, but in my eyes it’s clearly a mammoth!

After breakfast, we had our last shots at waterfalls and visited a canyon with a few of them. And then, there was but one spot left – we finished with the basalt cliffs at Kálfshamarsvita. I was tired to the bone and although I was walking around and looking at everything, I had a really hard time motivating the trouble of setting up the camera on a tripod and actually taking a picture. Finally I did that, took a few shots, and then turned around towards the sea and saw this beautiful ray of light on the mountain range in the distance. My tiredness disappeared in an instant and found myself a spot behind the light house to get protection from the wind, and stood there for the rest of the evening just looking at that mountain range and hoping for some more magic with the light. It didn’t really happen, but I was happy with standing where I was, I didn’t feel like I needed to find anything else at this point. It has been a great week and I’m ready to go home!

Hvítserkur, or the Mammoth


A small waterfall on the side

Kolufoss again

Basalt cliffs

Last picture from Iceland this October 2017

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