October 6, 2017

Closing down

I got my wish and we didn’t head out before breakfast. I think everybody was a bit tired after yesterday! We are going to move to a new location today but the drive isn’t quite as long as the one three days ago, so we had time for a proper morning shoot. We took the road that leads to Dettifoss (the tarmac road going on the west side of Dettifoss, not the same road we did two days ago – and we took that one because the view is better from the east), the idea was to get to a nice waterfall location, a bit like the one we did on the second day. But when we got to the Dettifoss turnoff, we found that the road was closed due to hazardous conditions, probably due to those stupid tourists who don’t have enough common sense to avoid these roads in their little cars. We would have been fine in our 4×4’s. But as it was, we had no option but to follow the crowd and leave the car at the Dettifoss parking. But at least we didn’t need to see Dettifoss again, because there was also a trail to Selfoss, which turned out to be nice option. It’s been so cold that every puddle was frozen, so if the waterfall wasn’t interesting enough, then just shoot the patterns in the ice.

We drove back to the guesthouse and loaded all our packs in the cars, ready for the next location. On the way, we stopped at Goðafoss, and once again mingled with the crowds. All those people make me appreciate all the more the locations we visit where we are the only people around!

We even stopped for an evening shoot by the sea. But I was really really tired, my poor introverted HSP brain is getting overloaded. Imagine if the brain is an office with bright lights and computers and busy staff… well now the office is empty, the computers are shut down and the only illumination comes from the emergency lights. And so I just sat in the car instead of even trying to shoot the shoreline.


Ice patterns

The landscape was quite flat with distant mountains. I looked closer.

It could be a sea campion (Silene uniflora), but don’t quote me on it



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