October 2, 2017

Black sands

We spent another day in the lava desert, and it was another day with good weather. The wind only bothered us occasionally, and some places were mirror calm (although typically, as soon as we had cameras out, the wind broke the water).

In the evening we visited a wonderful valley with more waterfalls than you can count. Some were small, just trickles of water between the moss, and others were high or wide. Since we would not spend much time by the sea, I didn’t bring wellingtons on this trip, but relied on my Haglöfs Grym boots instead. In this place it turned out to be a limitation because I can only walk in shallow water, so I couldn’t ford the last creek to access the biggest waterfall. And while crossing the first creek, I found that my Gryms have started leaking. So I will need new boots when I get home, but I won’t get new Gryms – they were good while they lasted, but impossible to fix when the shell is broken.

Anyway. Since the way to the big waterfall was blocked for me, I decided to walk up to the ridge which seemed like it could give me a view to the waterfall from above. It didn’t work out, but it did give me a great overview of this little valley. While I was shooting it, I thought how strange that I would get spray from the waterfall when I couldn’t even see it. Took me a while to figure out that it had started raining!

The rain didn’t last for long, but there was enough clouds to make sunset a non-event so all there was left to do for us was to drive back to the hotel for a well-earned dinner after a full day out!

If you like minimalistic, then this is the right place!

The Icelandic landscape is a play with light and lines

Some mountains are more oddly shaped than others

We were supposed to go down there but the road had turned to quicksand

I call this the Scorpion Island

And some mountains are red

There is a point in the road where you can see these four pyramids lined up perfectly behind each other, unfortunately it’s too far away to shoot

The vegetation really has a hard time in the lava fields!

While I was shooting the close-up, everybody else was shooting the mountain range

I joined them but didn’t really get anyone done… apart from shooting a ton of pictures that I then threw away, apart from this

And the distant closeup of an Icelandic version of a crop circle

A stunning place with numerous small waterfalls (and a couple of big ones)

And moss-a-plenty

View from the top

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