September 24, 2017


I drove to Ljungdalen in search of autumn colours. And found them – it looks like Flatruet is forming a barrier for the moths. North from Flatruet, it looked stunning. South, not so. Well, maybe I should say, it would have looked stunning if had been possible to see more than 50m. The clouds were very low today!

When I parked my car at Kläppen as planned, I was kinda hoping I had a back-up plan because the visibility was so reduced. But otherwise the weather wasn’t so bad, it wasn’t raining and it was almost calm. So I did my hike anyway, hoping for a miracle on the way, but those clouds just simply were not the lifting kind. However, the hike wasn’t a complete waste. I found a couple of nice waterfalls which will definitely be worth a visit with a tripod (I was not carrying today, in fact I never carry a tripod any more unless I’m specifically planning to shoot something where it’s needed), and I’ve seen pictures from Stortuvan so I know the view is nice. Just not today.

With the forest enshrouded in the clouds, there was dew on absolutely everything. My trousers got soaking wet because of the long grass that was hanging over the path, and it didn’t help to wear waterproof boots when the water was trickling down on the inside of the trouser leg. So comfort was just as low as the clouds today, but you know, I just kept thinking about having a warm shower when I got home and it was all good. Zero views, wet trousers, me happy!

The landscape today

Going up Stortuvan

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