September 23, 2017


The season is closing – last day of business at Djupdalsvallen! You better bet I was going there. This time on foot, I walked from Ramundberget in the hopes of finding some nice colours. Alas, the birches are very affected by the moth larvae, and with the cloud cover being what it was, the little colour that remained wasn’t exactly glowing either. But still, a very nice hike and a great waffle. 🙂

I took a detour to check out some places I haven’t seen before. Some of the spots are actually usable, so this is for future reference.

Reindeer bull watching over its herd

The fascinating ridge of Viteggen down in the valley

The clouds are starting to lift from Stor-Mittåkläppen

A very calm day, which contributed to the nice hike

The first time I’ve ever found antlers still attached to the skull. Just way too big for me to carry around, and a bit icky, as there was some blood on the antlers!

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