August 19, 2017


I’ve seen some very cool pictures from the Atlantic Ocean Road and I just wanted to see it for myself. Although not in quite such wind as I’ve seen in those pictures, I don’t quite feel like being washed over by seawater while driving on a high bridge!

The wind sure wasn’t an issue today, but I think a bit more wouldn’t have hurt. Because without the wind, the road was almost a disappointment. There’s this one big bridge, and a few smaller ones, so when we drove over the last bridge, the feeling was, “was that it?”. It was.

Unless you’re really into bridges, it’s almost not worth the detour. But we did it, so there.

When I got home, I had a look at the river – the water level has risen about half a metre during these three days. That’s a whole lot of raining!

That’s the big bridge

It looks better the closer to road you get

Because when you’re actually on the road, it looks like the bridge just ends half way

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