July 9, 2017

Frösö Zoo revisited

It was raining yesterday so I went on a road trip in search of better weather, and found it – too good, in fact. I ended up in Frösö Zoo (which I visited 3 years ago), and needed a whole lot of tricks to handle the chain link fences in sunshine, until the sun disappeared behind a cloud (yep, normally I wait for the sun to come out…).

I got some nice lion pictures during the last visit, but the ring-tailed lemurs were a challenge. So I was very pleased when the lemurs huddled in a good spot and I finally got the huddle pictures I had been hoping for! And I think my lion pictures worked out better than the last time, as well. The only way to shoot the lions is to frame really tight, because the enclosure is anything but photogenic. They have even painted Kilimanjaro and a savanna at the back, so I couldn’t do anything with that background (the last time it was plain green, which worked). Lucky then that one of the lions was lying in the grass. 🙂

There was also a little bit of action in the zoo – they have a pair of striped hyenas and those are really fierce by nature. They got into a fight for no apparent reason, complete with blood and all. Judging by the scars I saw, it’s business as usual though. The picture is lousy but I’m keeping it as a reminder.

And just when I was ready to leave, I saw that the Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) made an entrance. It’s another enclosure with a painted background and it was really hard to find an angle where the background wasn’t a complete disaster.

It was a nice visit, and it was pouring rain when I got home. A good day for a road trip!

Lion king… obviously!

That’s really the most you can include of the lion, without the enclosure intruding in the picture.

So for once, it’s better if the lions are just lying down. I can’t see how to shoot them nicely if they are standing up.

Here’s one that I can’t decide if I like it or not. Is that bright patch distracting? I already toned it down as much as it’s possible in LR.


The lemur huddle!

Now how many times have I told you to keep your tail off my face?!

Well hello!

Because you always must have a yawn picture


Some of that ugly blue background here, but I liked the oof monkey

The hyena fight

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  1. Miika says:

    Melkoisen hyviä otoksia. Vain tuo ylenpalttinen vihertäminen häiritsee hyeenakuvassa, mutta mitäpä moisesta.

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