June 22, 2017

Bucket list

I’ve mentioned it a few times that I’m now doing things instead of just endlessly planning them. The change started about four years ago but after mom died, it just made me even more determined. I do not want to die regretting a life not lived. So if you’ve read my blog, you will have seen that I’ve visited new and exciting places and done things that a few years ago were just wishful thinking. And then finally, the knee injury I had after Easter was a reminder that I really need to speed it up. The injury itself was a small thing, I mean it barely even qualifies to be called an injury, but suppose it would have been worse? That would have been a whole summer wasted.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Carpe diem – live today!

I have created a bucket list and I’m publishing it here on the site (link on top, and the most recent completed items down on the left). New things can pop up on the list as I come up with new ideas, and hopefully a lot of those things can be checked off soon. I’ve already added some things I’ve done in the past, things that at the time would’ve been on my bucket list if I had had one. Not all of them are such things that I would still want to do if I hadn’t already done them, but such is life… it changes!

The pictures are completely unrelated to the bucket list, but it’s just something I picked up on a small hike the other day.

Came across a spot with huge amounts of wolf’s bane

Those young leaves are so intricate


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