June 6, 2017

Introducing Baby Crane

Wonderful news from the Crane Watch! The first chick has hatched! I felt really privileged as I was watching the crane family today. I almost didn’t want to leave because I would love to see the second chick hatch… but since I have no idea how far apart the chicks hatch, it could be a long wait. Or tomorrow when I visit the site again, I will find the nest is empty and the cranes are gone. But it’s ok, what happened today will stay in my memory for a long time to come!

When I got there, I found the chick in the nest and Mama Crane (I’m calling it mama, I really have no idea how to tell male and female cranes apart) foraging for food close by

With Papa Crane nowhere in sight, Mama had to go back to the nest to keep the remaining egg warm. The chick had jumped off the nest and I lost sight of it, the grass is much taller than the little baby crane

It’s checking the nest

…before lying down

But now of course the baby is alone in the grass. It seems to be thinking, where is Papa Crane?!

…and here he comes. And yes, there was sunshine for about two seconds.

After checking out the chick (I assume, it was doing something in the same spot for a long time), Papa Crane went over to the nest and Mama stayed with the baby

Settling down

Family peace restored. Papa is incubating and Mama is looking after the baby near by! 🙂


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