June 5, 2017

Moose surprise

You have no idea how much I’ve missed hiking. Every day I see Ånnfjället from my window and I hear it calling me, so it was really almost a relief that I could finally put on my hiking boots and hit the trail. But before I got there, I drove by the crane nest to see if anything’s happening. I found the crane standing by the nest again, and I saw one egg. Of course, the visibility is very poor through the grass so it’s possible that the second egg was hidden from me. Or then the first chick has hatched.

Anyway, I didn’t stay there for long, I didn’t even stop at home to drop off the Mega-Tamron but just drove straight to Lillåsvallen to start my long awaited hike. There is not a lot of snow left, so I was able to hike with dry feet and even go around the small patches of snow that were left. But just to show how different the season is up there, the tarn still had one corner with ice. With nothing growing as yet, the mountain looks a bit brown and drab, but for me it was heaven. I didn’t go all the way to the highest peak but settled with the smaller 1219m peak, it was good enough for the first proper hike of the season. 🙂

On the way home I saw a moose by the road. I stopped the car and the moose didn’t actually run away – that’s a first! So my first thought was to grab my camera bag which I had on my hike, even if I only had a normal zoom there… I just wanted a picture of the moose. As I was turning towards the back seat, my eye caught the other pack on the front seat – where I had left the Mega-Tamron! It actually took me a moment of disbelief that I would be so lucky as to have the right lens for the job, before I finally took out the camera. Having two cameras really pays off in situations like this, I didn’t need to waste time on switching lenses!

Moose by the road

The moose didn’t worry about me, I think the poor thing was way too hungry. Probably a year old calf who’s finding that life is tough without mama moose. But as you can see, we do have some green stuff now so I hope it can recover and be strong for next winter!

The light was a bit iffy, I needed to go to ISO 1600 and use shorter focal lengths to be sure I got something sharp. But it’s ok, 600mm would have been too much anyway!

When the light hits from this angle, you can see how the ribs stick out

Munching the new greens

The Ånnfjället tarn

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