May 19, 2017

The Crane Watch is back

When it rains, it pours. It rained non-stop yesterday and water levels are now up to flood levels, although Ljusnan is still not as high as it was last year on 24 May. I can still see the top of the rock which was completely under water last year. It looks like the smaller waterways are worse off, for example Tevån is absolutely fierce at the moment. If Ljusnan will get as high as it did last year, I will not be here to witness it, because I’m off to Finland tomorrow to see family.

But I couldn’t leave without checking out the crane pond, and to my complete surprise, the place was flooded as well! Somehow I just thought that these tarns would have more steady water levels… but then again, the small creek that flows into this tarn, starts from a mountain which still has a fair amount of snow. The crane nest is but a small island in the water and I sure hope the waters will not rise any more, otherwise the nest is ruined! To remind you of what it normally looks like here, you can check one of the Crane Watch posts from last year.

Yes there’s still a bit of ice left

There’s not a lot of dry ground here so the wood sandpiper landed by the nest

But it didn’t stay for long at the crane residence, it had other things to do…

Just to give you a wider context

Good luck Mr and Mrs Crane, I hope to see you at the end of May!

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