May 9, 2017

Swans in snowfall

I hope you’re not getting tired of swan pictures yet… I’m not! Yesterday I took the Mega-Tamron to Tevsjön, which is still mostly covered in ice, but with a few open patches (in fact, some parts of the lake almost didn’t freeze at all in the winter). So naturally the waterfowl use the lake as a resting place, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a long wait. It’s hardly been above freezing during the day, and now it’s been snowing as well. This morning the ground was all white. But, the snowfall gave me the little extra I needed for my pictures and if the weather forecast could please be right, then it’s going to get warmer towards the end of the week, and it will be above freezing even at night. Which is exactly what we need at this time of the year!

White birds on ice in snowfall. The camera had some trouble focusing!

A pair of cranes as well. On Sunday I counted seven cranes here, I bet the others were on the golf course now.

Some dog walkers were approaching on the other side of the lake and the swans are starting to get a bit worried.

And then they took off, which was good news for me because I usually only get to see the tail ends of flying birds!

And after a while the swans returned and again I was lucky that they landed towards me.

There were other birds on the lake as well, I saw a pair of goosander, mallards of course, and quite a lot of widgeons.

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