September 11, 2014

Morning at Kappruet

Every photographer knows that sunrise and sunset are the best time for shooting. I’m ok with sunsets, but sunrises tend to require such early wakeups that I’m having a hard time with it. But all I really need is some company to motivate me to get up and go out, and so it was that we were on the road already at 5:30 and reached Kappruskaftet just in time to witness a beautiful sunrise. I was a bit doubtful if my pictures would turn out anything, it seemed like the contrast was too much so I did some bracketing but was already fretting at the hopeless HDR work I would have to do. But oh the joy when I saw the pictures on the computer and saw that Lightroom can recover the detail from the 6D RAWs without doing any HDR! So happy that I took those pictures, even when I thought that I won’t be able to make them work.


When we got to our intended spot on Kappruet, we saw to our disappointment that there was a lot of haze in the air so the mountains were diffused. So how many times have I been here, trying to take that panorama I know I can get here…. this must be the 4th time, and that’s in this year alone! Better luck next year then.


Sunrise through the trees

* * *


There’s something special about Kappruskaftet, it often gives me a feeling of being on a savanna than in the mountains.

* * *

Half of the panorama

This is only half of the panorama that I want to do. Blåstöten which is further on the left was too obscure thru the haze and I had to work hard in post processing to bring out the mountains that remain. (Click for larger version)

* * *


While waiting for a miracle to happen towards Blåstöten, I tried shooting a panorama with the nice clouds. (Click for larger version)

* * *


The autumn colours were not at their peak yet, some trees were still green. This one is half there.

* * *

Favourite birch and clouds

Finished off the trip at my favourite birch, this time in full colour and complete with interesting clouds.


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