September 7, 2012

The other guests

Roe deer in the morning before I went to workSince I spoke about the fox, I was thinking about the roe deer that regularly pass through the field as well. Just to prove the point, I saw them this morning when I opened the door to go to work! The roe deer route takes them far down in the field though so I’ve never seen them closer than this, they are very faithful to their familiar trails. I never got any pictures of a fox in Loos but I did get some closeups of the roe deer, but now I have both… even if it’s from a distance. I knew the roe deer were too far away (the picture is cropped to 6 MP) but the light was nice and I just wanted to document them regardless.

And speaking of animals, I’m currently planning the bird feeder setup, I have no idea what kind of light I will get in the winter (there’s a big hill that I’m worried will block the sun all day in the dead of winter…) so I will set up two feeders to improve my odds. But even if it doesn’t work out for photography, the birds will get their grub and I will hopefully get to see some species here that I never saw in Loos. I will put up the first feeder tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what happens! And no, it’s not bad for the birds to start feeding them early, you can even feed them all year round. I just want to be early out so the birds learn that there’s a new feeder in town. Or village.

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    This one makes me wonder how are the colours coming up over there? Just some yellow over here so far, but we might get lucky this year if only the weather is right.

  2. Minna says:

    Over here in the lowlands it seems like the colours are a bit muted… the greens are dull and there’s no bright yellow happening at all. It’s more like the dull yellow of the fungal disease although that shouldn’t be a problem this year.

    In the mountains the birches have also been spared from the infection but it seems like the colours are not happening yet, which I find a bit strange. Maybe the colours are late because the summer was late. But I hope that one week from now, the colours will be there because I have my vacation then!

  3. Miika says:

    Let’s wait and see, and perhaps for once we have some proper colours happening 🙂

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