June 26, 2011


During my excursion yesterday, I found some potential motifs that I chose not to shoot but I felt deserved a second chance. They are really close to home so I didn’t even pack the bag, just took the camera and tripod (and a generous layer of mosquito deterrent) and had a closer look. Glad I did, because I had a really good time shooting the twinflowers and green-flowered wintergreens.

Next weekend I will be shooting flowers in the mountains. Just five working days left, and I have vacation! The other day I calculated that I have had 17 days of holiday (besides the bank holidays) since July 2009. Add a year-long stress about the cabin and some significant changes at work and I can honestly say that I need a vacation! Ok I hear you asking, why didn’t I take out more vacation… I tried to. I had a lot more scheduled last year, but then the cabin got delayed, and delayed some more, and I kept cancelling my holidays with every delay. Shooting myself in the foot, in other words. On the upside, now that I can use the cabin, I will be wanting to take out every day of vacation I can!

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Twin flower is very nice and my favorite this time.

    Here I was thinking I had only few vacation days spent recently, but darn, you beat my score nicely! Enjoy after the long wait then 🙂

  2. Rane says:

    Yo Minna, I really really like the Linneae -picture, you just nailed it 🙂 What setup did you use there? Lotsa great pictures lately, nice to see you work with the flowers again.

  3. Minna says:

    Hi Rane, nice to hear from you! 🙂 And thank you (and Miika). 🙂 The twinflower was shot almost wide open at f3.2. The flower was growing on a mossy rock and I had the lens half pressed down in the moss which created the oof foreground, while the background isolation was easy thanks to the elevation from the forest floor.

    I must say I’m really happy to be shooting flowers at long last. There’s no question that it’s what I’m most comfortable with, even if it means contorting myself in awkward positions to see through the viewfinder. 😀 But when the result is like this twinflower, I don’t care about the aching back afterwards. It’s one of my summer favourites for sure. 🙂

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