October 30, 2010


What a dark day. Too dark for bird photography (although I tried – ISO 1600, f4, shutter speed 1/50…  doesn’t quite work), but just right for waterfalls. I drove to Hylströmmen, sort of. The freeze period last followed by the thaw and rain in the past days had turned the road into a mud track. When I almost got stuck, I decided it was close enough and walked the last 2.5 km to the falls. I can risk breaking my skull on the slippery wet cliffs but I won’t risk my car sinking in a mud pit!

And the falls then… I’m glad I didn’t even try to drive the car all the way. It certainly wouldn’t have been worth it. Note to self: don’t bother with Hylströmmen again. Ever. I just can’t make it work, I’ve been here a few times already but the number of keepers is alarmingly low. I mean, it’s a nice enough place to visit for sure, but photographically speaking, how do you capture it? If I don’t know it by now, I never will. Need to find new waterfalls!

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    White ice? I saw some blak ice yesterday, but this one looks quite bizarre, although in a positive way 😀

  2. Leffe says:

    Yes, I’ve been there once, and it’s a tricky place. The bridge at the top is dominating the view upstream. I walked around for a couple of hours and didn’t get much done. Early spring in afternoon light.

    Hans Strand has som nice pictures from there in his first book together with Rolf Edberg, Och havet vilar aldrig. Actually, 4 out of 13 pictures in the chapter on rivers is from Hylströmmen. So there must be a way… 😉 There’s 2 details and 2 views – one moderate tele and one widangle – both downstreams in early morning light. (I analyzed them afterwords, when I came home with no keepers!)

  3. Minna says:

    Yes I’ve actually seen a nice photo from Hylströmmen as well. The key seems to be to get there early – in the summer at sunrise and the falls will be front lit. During the rest of the day (and seasons) the light is mostly just wrong. A bit like Njupeskär… during midsummer at sunrise, the ravine and the falls will get sunlight. That’s still on my list to-do list. 😀

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