November 30, 2008


KvarnsjönIt has been snowing all day. I’m not complaining – well, other than maybe I’m wishing it would snow a little bit more. Those big flakes that are easy to catch on camera.

KvarnÃ¥nI ventured out to a lake again, but this time a lake that I’m familiar with so no wet feet. I was betting on the outflowing creek to be still open, and so it was. My only problem was the shutter speed, I really would’ve needed an ND filter but it was hard enough dealing with the polariser when snowflakes took every opportunity to create drops of water either on the lens or the filter. The camera was protected but the front of the lens has to stay open, for obvious reasons… so I settled with a couple of seconds.

Such a lovely day!

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3 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    The creek looks nice, but I can not agree with you on the weather. I hated it 😀

  2. Rane Olsen says:

    Minna, how about taking an umbrella into the trip next time, seriously? -Yes, it’ll make you look stupid, but aren’t nature photographers that already 😀

  3. Minna says:

    I’m still in the lookout for a white umbrella that can double as a diffuser in sunny weather. 😀

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