June 1, 2008

Weather – May 2008

May had everything. Snowfall and summer heat! It started out fairly typically with the kind of temperatures you would expect, then on the 10 of May we got over 20°C and it looked like summer was early. Not so – it started snowing on the 14th and kept falling on and off until the 18th. The highest the snow cover we ever got was 15 cm on the morning of the 16th and despite the continuous snowfall, the temperature was just above freezing so the snow mostly just melted off faster than it fell down. Thus it was gone after only two days. As if to compensate for this back winter, the temperatures soared up during the last week of May so the month finished off with some real summer heat.

Some other notable dates:

  • 6th: the Dåasen lake completely free of ice
  • 9th: first blueberry flowers, lily of the valley buds, mouse ears on birches
  • 10th: the big pile of snow behind my house is gone
  • 14th: first rainbow of the year
  • 16th: the snow meter reaches 15 cm in the morning
  • 24th: all snow (including the new pile behind the house) is gone

* * *

Forget-me-notTemperature (High): 24°C
Temperature (Low): -1°C
Temperature (Average): 11°C

Barometer (High): 1024 mbar
Barometer (Low): 1004 mbar
Barometer (Avg): 1015 mbar

Total of sunny days: 4

Snow cover (High): 11 cm
Snow cover (Low): 0 cm
Snow cover (Avg): 1 cm
New snow: 11 cm*
Days with snowfall: 5

Rain: 33 mm
Days with rain: 9

* That’s the official measurement in the evening. We got a lot more snow than that, but since it melted off quickly it didn’t register in the meter.

* * *

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2 Responses

  1. Rane Olsen says:

    Couldn’t be less interested in last months weather 😛 but the picture you chose is just amazing! It has been so windy here for whole week, that all shooting attempts have been doomed beforehand.

  2. Pia Laurila says:

    Thank you so much for visiting us! Puppies where so tired after your visit and big dogs missed you. 🙂 Hope we will take it again sometime 🙂

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