April 26, 2008

Tricky Tricker

(Well it’s an obvious post title, so better get it out of the way already.)

This was a momentous day – I finally got to ride my motorbike!

So, time for the confessions of an MC newbie. I’m sure that every MC rider will laugh at the problems I had, and I’m equally sure that I will laugh at myself soon! Initially I wondered how I could lift my feet from the ground, I was convinced that I would tip over as soon as I lifted my feet on the foot pegs. As it turns out, I didn’t tip at all – and I only managed to kill the engine once. It was just a matter of learning one thing at the time – a few rounds on first gear, then second, gear down, gear up… during the first session, I even managed to get up to 3rd gear, but then the old parking lot I was training on started to feel a bit small because I hadn’t learned how to brake yet! By then my left hand was aching so bad I couldn’t pull the clutch lever any more, so it was time for a lunch break.

The second training session was a bit faster, as now I was introduced to the front brake. A lot of riding on 3rd gear, but after a few km’s around the parking lot, I was actually getting a bit bored – switching direction makes it interesting for only so long. I’m itching to get on the road and just let it roll, but before I can do that, I will have to learn to use the foot brake. And I have to practise corners, my turn radius is still too wide. So I will have to nail those down tomorrow morning, then in the afternoon I will get my reward – the road!

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  1. Rane Olsen says:

    Sounds like a plan 🙂 Have fun!

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