August 20, 2006


There’s a good number of devilsbit scabious (Succisa pratensis; ängsvädd; purtojuuri) growing by the Loossjön lake. I think it’s an interesting flower, not least because it blooms at a time most other flowers have already given up for the season. Normally the flowers are blue/violet but some light pink and white variants exist, and I found the white variety – growing only in one spot, with their normal coloured brethren lining up the road leading to the boat launch.
Speaking of Loossjön, the Big Rain did a good job at raising the water levels. The Likholmen island is visibly smaller now as the water level has risen about half a metre from a couple of weeks ago. And a month ago the water level was probably closer to a whole metre lower, that’s when I did my shoreline walk. It would be impossible now.

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  1. r.olsen says:

    I found deep red specimen of Achillea millefolium, common yarrow, last week. It grew near normal white and rarer pink individuals. Took a pic of it also.

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