November 15, 2005

Pale moonlight

Snow snow snowSo it did arrive today – winter. We got loadsa snow and it was tricky driving to work; I did 50-60 kph and it felt fast. By the time I got to Ljusdal, the snowfall had turned into sleet and there wasn’t much snow on the ground. So I’m definitely better off in Los! The good news is that it has kept cold, so we haven’t lost any of the snow we got here – even the trees are still covered. Since it’s dark when I drive to work and dark when I get back, I tried my hand at moonlight photography (assisted by a streetlamp). Below you have my house in all its un-painted glory, the foreground tree lit by the lamp and the background trees by almost-full moon light (observe the two shadows).

* * *

I had to drive to Sundsvall to do my Notes Domino 6 update exam. I passed it, so now I’m a Certified Lotus Professional for both r5 & r6. How exciting.


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