November 14, 2005

Tracks and trails

Went for a walk in the forest yesterday. There are trails all over the place in Los but hardly any of them marked on the Green Map (1:50000) so I’m mostly just walking around and learning to know them. They come in all sizes – from wide trails cleared for snow mobiles to small paths that can suddenly disappear in the undergrowth. It’s just about impossible to get genuinely lost so as long as your feet carry you, it’s just a matter of exploring where the trail takes you. But I’m one of those people who like maps. Even if I can learn all the trails, I would still want to see them on a map so I got to thinking that maybe I should invest in a GPS unit. I don’t have a genuine need for it because I’m never deep in the wilderness and I hardly ever venture outside the trails in unknown environments, but the thought of being able to keep track of myself is appealing. It’s Christmas soon…


They seem to have done some maintenance on the skiing track. Every lamp post has received a shiny new number tag, so if I find one of the lamps broken, it will be easy to tell the people which one it is. I found this rather optimistic though… because a skiing track without snow just doesn’t quite feel right. Sure, people use it currently for promenades. But a skiing track, by definition, is best for skiing. Duh.

So we got some snow this morning. It was gone by the afternoon. Maybe we will get some snow again tomorrow morning. Maybe it will not be gone right away. I’m losing faith in winter.


And just in case you’re not totally bored out of your head yet reading this, I found a notice announcing that they will soon start cutting the forest nearby. Earlier I had admired the majestic pines and planned for some images, but naturally, as soon as a pine reaches majestic proportions, it is liable for being cut. It looks like the forest behind my house will soon be a little less forest-y.

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