November 10, 2005

Aziz, light!

It’s funny how those small things can make your day. Today was one of those days – a lot of small things happened.

It started with a doctor’s appointment. I’ve been hoping that my blood pressure has been low enough to try without the medication, and sure enough, it was. So now I’m officially in full health (but no, they didn’t check my head…)!

Then I took the car to the service and now I have winter tyres. It’s way too warm for the season, but I don’t want to be caught in winter conditions again so it’s better be safe than sorry. And during the same visit, I also had extra lights mounted on the car. The big beams sure make a difference, as I found out on my way home. It’s almost as good as driving in daylight… can’t believe I’ve waited this long! I got a big smile on my face every time the lights hit a traffic sign. The beams are so strong that sometimes it’s difficult to read the signs as the light gets reflected so bright. Cool! The big lamps probably look a bit funny on my small car, but who cares. It’s such a relief to drive without constantly feeling that it’s too dark.

And finally, although I got the router already yesterday, I’m still enjoying the novelty of wireless Internet. I’m writing this sitting comfortably in my lazy chair with the little PowerBook in my lap. Mobile computing… gotta love it!

P.S. Having mentioned the PowerBook. The text formatting options are not available on Safari so I can’t change the text alignment like I normally do (justified). But Safari support is apparently in the works, so I’ll keep patiently waiting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Download Netscape for MAC Sweetie! I found that most sites I have to use for work don’t really like Safari, and Internet Explorer runs too slow on the MAC, but the Netscape is just right when I can’t do something with Safari. Try it out, see what happens 🙂

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