Author: Minna


Just a little skiing

Should’ve checked the weather forecast beyond just looking at the sun symbol. I had a really mean head wind once I got out of the forest and I had to push myself even when...



Every autumn I check the full moon dates for the coming year. When I saw that the March full moon occurs on a Saturday, I made a plan to be somewhere nice for it,...


White mountains

Good skiing today! We’ve got some new snow and the mountains are covered in it. The wind was biting up there but it was worth the detour from the Anåfjället loop. 🙂


Oops I did it again

I always say “I learn from my mistakes”. And I do, after I’ve made the same mistake about three times. Because that’s where I am right now. First there was the hike to Skarsfjället...


Snow moon

Sometimes I can’t decide what I have more of, plans or excuses. I love planning and I don’t even want to think about how many plans I have that I’ve never gone through with....


400m of happiness

It’s been cold since I came back from the Faroe Islands, but it was warm while I was gone and it hasn’t been snowing since then. The snow cover is seriously reduced but there’s...