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And now it’s green

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After the brief scouting trip to Ånnfjällstjärnen earlier this week, it was time to go all the way to the top. Just four days ago the road to Övre Lillåsvallen was partly covered in snow but now it’s all gone. And the trail through the forest, it was more like a brook than a trail four days ago, but now I didn’t even get my feet wet. And I was wearing mesh shoes.

Looking to the western range, there’s clearly more snow. But this warm weather will continue so it won’t take long before all of the mountains are accessible. I really need some other mountains than these four I’ve been repeatedly doing in the past month!

You can see how the amount of snow increases towards west
It’s driving me crazy that I can’t find a good way of shooting these tufts. Every time I go past, I try. And fail.
A great day to be out
Great camouflage. The rock ptarmigans disappear in the landscape as soon as they stop moving.
Can you believe how green it is already?!

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