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Fine summer evening

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It’s not officially summer yet, but it could well be. It’s insanely warm. As in, do the reindeer thing and try to find all the snow patches to get some relief from the heat. I did a little after work hiking and got up to the Ånnfjället tarn and found that the ice is just about to disappear. I also found some green in the trees. Three years ago it wasn’t this green in the middle of June! Insane, as I said. I was looking at my Ånnfjället pictures from years past and this May is sure not like any May I have seen before.

Some snow when coming out from the forest, but it’s packed snow and carried me fine. And you can see that the forest is turning a bit green! The mountains in the west clearly have more snow.
Ice is breaking up
My favourite birch! I shot this a lot in September, but it seems to work great in May as well.

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This is from 5 June 2017:

The Ånnfjället tarn

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This is from 21 May 2016. Just look how much snow there is on the mountains! And then look at the first picture above for comparison.

The tarn was still frozen and when you zoom in like this, it looks more like winter than spring!

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