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I have done 36 of the “60 toppar” project so far. #37 will be special – it’s the first one I will do on skis!

The nights are still insanely cold. It was -27°C this morning so I was in no hurry at all to leave. The days are very long, so there’s no need to be out in the cold either. The sun is very warm, so it was only -3°C when I left after lunch.

When I got to Walles, the parking lot was almost full. Which is what I expected, because Easter is the only time of the year when even the mountains are crowded. But if you just work your way off the trail, the crowds get considerably thinner. I went south of Mojskläppen instead of following the trail towards Långbrottstugan, and saw four people on the way. That’s four more than I would have seen any other time!

I stopped for fika at Långbrottstugan. There was no wind so it was incredibly nice to sit there on my chair of snow with the sun on my face, but I had things to do and places to go… so I didn’t stay for long, as usual. I put on the skins on the skis and going up to Långbrottfjället was a breeze. All I needed then was to follow the mountain north-west to get to the top of Grönfjället. These mountains are a bit funny, they kind of melt into each other. Both are 1025m, and the lowest point between the two is at around 1000m. So had I not already done Långbrottfjället, I would have gotten it now, for no extra effort.

The area east from Grönfjället is a free ride area for snow mobiles. So just for once I did not get upset seeing the tracks all over the place, in fact, I wish there had been more. As in, I wish that all those tracks I’ve seen everywhere else (where it’s illegal to ride snowmobiles) would have been transferred here instead.

The trip had been so long that the moon was already up and the sun was going down by the time I reached Walles. It was also getting chilly again – another unseasonally cold night ahead!

Hello all snowmobile riders! I hate you. I wish your snowmobiles will burn in the hot fires of hell! Just because you will not be caught for illegal riding, doesn’t mean you can ignore the law! The only way to stop this idiocy is to forbid snowmobiles completely. If anyone starts that campaign, I’ll be the first to sign.
Reindeer fence on Grönfjället
Testing sunbursts with the Sony 24-105mm lens. The burst effect itself is nice, but normally I would try to partially hide the sun behind something because 24mm is too much for a naked sun, as you can see. And let’s not even talk about the billion dust bunnies I have on the sensor.
Skarsfjället on the right, Skardsfjella in Norway on the left.
Anåfjället in the distance, Rieme on the left. Now I will just glide down to the valley below.
Last skiers on the mountain. Sun is going down and the temperature is dropping.
When I parked, the road was lined with cars on both sides. When I came back, only one car remained. Mine!

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