Winter is still holding us in an iron grip. It was -33°C this morning, which to my recollection is the coldest I’ve experienced in the middle of March. The sun does an excellent job in warming up the air, but the temperature plummets again as the sun goes down. When I go for my after-work walk or ski, the temperature drops 5-10 degrees between going out and coming in. And so it was today as well, I skied out with sweat running on my back, and glided back to the car with frozen fingers and a frozen face. And a smile. 🙂

No snowmobiles? No problem! Same story I see everywhere… the snowmobilers don’t respect any signs or laws. I’ve started to dream about catching one of them in the act, and get a picture of illegal driving with the license plate visible.


The shadows are getting longer and I realised that my timing was perfect to catch the last light on Skarvruet.

And here’s the light on Skarvruet

Just before the sun disappeared behind Storvigeln


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2 Responses

  1. Miika says:

    Melko hulppea valo, pilvettömyyskään ei haittaa tippaakaan!

  2. Minna says:

    Juu se taitaa auttaa että maisema on niin pelkistetty kun lumi peittää kaikki detaljit, niin pelkistetty taivas sopii sitten. 🙂

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