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To upgrade or rather not

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Exciting news this week, Sony is going to release A7 III! It greatly improves on the two biggest nags I have with my old A7: AF and battery life. Then I saw the price tag and got a hiccup. 24000 SEK! Holy cow. I bought my A7 for 11K three years ago, and the price has come down even more since then.

My A7 by the way has been in the service. I finally sent it in to fix a problem that I noticed about two years ago… I can’t remember if I ever wrote about it in the blog and I can’t find the post now if I did, so here’s a recap. The problem is that in strong light with the sun a little bit in front of the camera, there is some light leak in the bayonet which results in a reflex in the picture. I can see this leak in the viewfinder and I can close the gap if I just turn the lens a little bit, because there is some play. It only appears in vertical pictures, because when shooting horizontally, the gap is at the bottom. So that’s why the issue was never a big deal for me, but on realising that the A7 III was coming up, I thought that it’s perhaps time to sell the A7 and therefore I needed to get this thing fixed.

But then there is this price tag that got slapped on the new camera. And I’m thinking, well, the A7 was just in the service so it’s working perfectly. I have spare batteries to cover for the short battery life. And who needs superior AF with landscape photography anyway?

I think I will wait until A7 IV gets released and then nab the A7 III for a nice price! 😀 For now, I will spend my cash on new glass instead. I have never had a normal zoom for the A7, because an affordable good normal zoom just hasn’t existed for the E-mount. I’ve used the little A6300 with 16-70/4, but unfortunately that isn’t a very good lens either, despite the Zeiss tag on it. But now Sony has released a 24-105/4 which according to just about everybody is a stellar performer, so I ordered it. The A7 with 16-35/4 and 24-105/4 will be a great landscape kit!

Picture is from two weeks ago when the trees were nice and frosty. No frost now, even though the temperature is below -30 degrees every morning!

One thought on “To upgrade or rather not

  • Norman March 2, 2018 at 21:50

    Minna i agree with you. The price is horrendous!
    I bought the 24-105 zoom however and together with the 16-35 it is a great combo.
    Greetings from Lofoten and Magnus

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