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The other side of the valley

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Guess what, it’s cold again. I did a late afternoon trip and by the time I was back at my car, it was sunset and -17°C and I was freezing. It’s hard to keep the internal heater on when you glide down 330m in altitude. But it was nice to get up there, I took the Fjällspåret trail from Tänndalen which gave me a view of the mountains from a side I rarely see. I think I will have to explore this area a bit more, when the temperatures are back up to something more suitable for outdoors activities. Which apparently is not going to happen any time soon! At the time of writing this (late evening), it’s -27°C. The next time I complain about a bad winter, remind me of this!

Looking south. Just snow as far as the eye reaches!
View to the north – Hamrafjället dominates, Lill-Skarven is behind it, and the familiar shape of Ånnfjället far on the right.
The steep cliffs of Hamrafjället (I believe this feature is what has given the name for the mountain)
Skarvarna from yesterday’s trip to Andersborg. Very grey, no contrast, snow in the air. What a difference to today!

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